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Neoscreen is a digital signage solution, highly scalable and particularly powerful which enables, from an Internet browser, to create, schedule and broadcast your content on a single or several screens.

Neoscreen is a very simple solution for everyone to use.

Most importantly, you can use Neoscreen 5.0 from any Internet browser thanks to its “user-friendly” interface.


Discover Neoscreen in 2 minutes!

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  • Functions:


    - Broadcast of every type of media : photos, videos, PowerPoint, web pages, Flash
    - Creation of personalized content thanks to Neomaker
    - Media Library for content


    - Planning of the broadcast thanks to a calendar
    - Management of the broadcast by days, hours, screen networks or localization.
    - Management of the broadcast on screen networks remotely
    - Possibility to divide a screen in several broadcast areas.
    - Control of video walls


    - Check in real time the state of your computer park
    - Visualize the synchronization of your players
    - Visualize the current broadcast
    - Manage the maintenance remotely on your computer park
    - Broadcast statistics


  • Administration interface compatible with every browser Image2 300x61
  • Numerous content included in the media library (weather, traffic conditions, RSS)
  • Social network management  logo twitter  ig logo email
  • Creation of personalized templates thanks to Neomaker
  • Importation of dynamic contents (databases, Excel, Csv, Xml…)
  • Broadcast of message banner

Examples of uses :

  • Internal communication
  • Real estate agencies
  • Administrations
  • Video walls
  • Diffusion's software for waiting rooms