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20 or 30 m apart from each other, a monitor and its play can be connected via a simple VGA cable (or DVI or HDMI).

Beyond this distance, it is necessary to use an ethernet signal to transmit the signal. Transmission boxes, more commonly called VGA Extender, convert the VGA signal into a network signal so it can be routed via RJ45 Cat5 FTP cables

Example: Advanced installation diagram

visuel 32


  • Emitter with VGA input and RJ45 output
  • Receiver with RJ45 input and VGA output
  • Connected by Cat5 FTP cable up to 300m
  • Can reach greater distance using repeaters


  • Transports a video (and audio) signal via a RJ45 Cat5 FTP network.
  • System broadcast enabling the sending of the same signal through several receivers
  • Variant with HDMI and fibre optic

Places it can be used

  • All places equipped with a Cat5 network