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LCD & Plasma monitors

The monitor is the standard format for dynamic display, which is why CUBE has chosen professional solutions specially designed for sustained, durable and economic broadcasts.

To meet all of our customers needs, we have a wide range of monitors with numerous selection criteria:

  • Size
  • Resolution
  • Colour
  • Edge thickness
  • Depth
  • Attachment system
  • Format
  • ...

Example: LCD NEC 4020 monitor


  • Size: from 22 to 82 inches
  • Resolutions: from 1360*768 to 1920*1200
  • Colour: black, charcoal, gray, white
  • Attachment: wall, ceiling, upright
  • Format : portrait, landscape, panoramic


  • Broadcasting media over a large catchment area
  • Design of image walls
  • Integration into terminals or totems
  • Integration into a panel

Places it can be used

  • Any indoor place

Transflective screens

Broadcasting outdoors can be problematic when the screen is directly exposed to sunlight.
In fact, a standard monitor subject to direct sunlight renders the image unreadable, its glare whitening the screen.

Conversely, a transflective monitor uses energy from ambient light to strengthen its back-lighting. Translective technology is therefore the most effective solution for outdoor displays or shop windows.

Example: Operating diagram


  • All sizes
  • Frame version or
  • A range of colours and screen frames


  • Mirror
  • LCD monitor

Places it can be used

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

Outdoor screens for exterior displays

Do you want to communicate 24/7?

Our outdoor monitors comply with standard IP65, ensuring they are resistant to rain, dust and low temperatures.

Equipped with a tempered glass protective screen and a high luminosity pad, it provides a high quality dynamic display in full safety.

Example configuration


  • Size: 40, 42 and 46 inches
  • IP65 Standard
  • High luminosity pad
  • Professional metallic structure
  • Manufactured to industrial quality


  • Protective glass
  • Thermostat / Hygrostat
  • Image wall mode up to 3*3 screens

Places it can be used

  • Public thoroughfares
  • On building facades
  • In a car park

Écrans vitrines très haute luminosité

Composez votre vitrine avec un écran d'une visibilité exceptionnelle, votre communication sera plus efficace car visible par tous.



  • De 32 à 75 pouces
  • Luminosité jusque 2500cd/m2
  • Fonctionnement 24/7

Lieux d'utilisations

  • Hôtels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Agences bancaires
  • ...